Meet the fitness instructor who AGREES that mothers don’t have time to exercise.

THERE can’t be many fitness instructors that would agree mothers simply do not have time to exercise.

But one trainer who does is fast becoming an online hit with busy mums.

Super fit mother of two Jordan Cruttenden, 33, says she understands that sometimes there are not enough hours in the day for busy mothers to find the time to get fit.

So she started filming exercise videos to reflect the reality of what it’s really like for a mother with children trying to find time to exercise.

There’s no spangly matching gym wear or fancy equipment, just a lounge floor strewn with toys and her own two children Autumn, five and Otis, two.

She often interrupts the videos posted on her facebook page Babies and Burpees to change a nappy or answer the door and does not mind admitting she hasn’t brushed her hair or cleaned her teeth.

But her down to earth approach combined with her killer body is fast winning her fans online and her chaotic workouts regularly attract an audience of over 2000 viewers.

Mrs Cruttenden, who is married to builder Tom Cruttenden, 35, said: ‘ I just film it as it is mess and all. My exercise videos are not glossy but they are real.

‘I’ve normally got kids hanging of me and an untidy lounge but that’s life and I wanted to show you can still make a difference to your body.

‘The kids join in, they have grown up with me exercising and they love it. Sometimes they play up but I don’t edit that out and I think mums appreciate the honesty because it’s like that for them too.

‘I don’t care if I’ve got odd socks on because I know the mums who watch me can relate to that. We are all in the same boat but with a little creativity you can still squeeze in a workout.’

Mrs Cruttenden who is a size 6 says she was always a size 12 until she discovered a love of running aged 25.

She explains: ‘ I had never exercised in my life, I could run for about two minutes before getting out of breath.’

But all that changed when her aunt died of breast cancer and she decided to raise money in her memory by signing up for a marathon.

She eventually completed the marathon in four hours and 30 minutes and says after that she was hooked on running and exercise and qualified as a personal trainer.

But after her first child Autumn, now five, was born in 2009 she quickly realised fitting fitness into her life as a mother took more planning.

She studied pre and post natal exercise techniques after the arrival of her son Otis now aged two and continued to incorporate workouts into her time at home with them.

She said: ‘ I realised I could do some planks with little one gurgling away underneath me. He loved it and then Autumn would jump on my back for the burpees.

‘It just became a fun part of our life. It kept them entertained and kept me fit.’

Her impressive body often sparked interest from other mothers who wanted to know how she had the time to exercise with two children.

She says: ‘ I think people expected me to be quite regimented and tell them they had to make time and that there was no excuse but actually I don’t agree with that at all.

‘As a mother there is an excuse because sometimes you just don’t have time.

‘Even with the best intentions life gets in the way so I tried to explain how I do it and then thought it might be easier just to film it and post it.’

Soon she was regularly filming her real life workouts, chaos and all and visitors to her page swelled as word spread.

‘I do try and have a quick spruce up of the lounge if there is time before I film but normally there is a pile of toys in the back ground.

‘But my viewers will comment and say it makes them feel better because their lounge is a tip too.

‘If I need to pause because the baby has done a poo I know my viewers will understand because they have been there.

‘We are all in the same boat but following the videos will make a difference and I get amazing comments from women telling me I have changed their approach to exercise.

‘You don’t have to ship the kids off and spend on a gym membership to get results and my videos have proved that.’

She’s now responded to requests from followers to post to you tube so they can watch the videos on their televisions while working out and posts recipes that are quick to make for the family to enjoy.

She said: ‘ I’m still astonished that my videos are so popular and I’m thrilled that I’m helping some mothers who thought they just couldn’t find time to exercise.

‘I hope I’m approachable. I’ll answer questions on pretty much anything from how to perform a burpee with a child on your back to where I got my sofas from.

‘In fact the chaotic videos where the kids keep grabbing the camera are always the most popular. But as long as it helps get busy mums moving I don’t care.’