Dancer suffering from profuse sweating disorder holds hands with boyfriend for the first time at 22 after operation to sever glands


A dancer has told of her joy at being able to hold hands with her boyfriend for the first time, thanks to an operation to cure an excessive sweating disorder.


Lynsey Dare, 22, from Worcester, was too ashamed to hold her partner’s hand because her condition left her hands constantly dripping with sweat.

Her disorder was so severe that it even ruined countless mobile phones and laptops, which became water damaged.


A result of overactive sweat glands, it also affected her feet and armpits, meaning she also had to avoid high heels as they slipped off her wet feet, while she dreaded parties because she would be left drenched.


At one stage the condition even threatened to destroy her career as a dancer because her body was too wet and sweaty to be lifted by her dance partner.


But now an operation to sever the sweat glands has changed Miss Dare’s life.

She said: ‘Being able to hold my boyfriend’s hand is the best thing ever. He always offered to hold my hand and said he didn’t care if it was wet or not, but I was too embarrassed and ashamed.


‘Now I want to hold his hand all the time to make up for lost time.’

Miss Dare was just 12 when she first noticed her hands were sweating at school.

She was unable to write in her exercise book without leaving the pages soaked and had to pile paper towels under her hand to mop up the sweat.


Her mother took her to her GP, who assured her it was normal, but then Miss Dare noticed her feet and armpits were sweating excessively too.

She said: ‘I could hide my feet in socks and wear baggy jumpers but there was nothing I could do to hide my hands. It was awful.’



Over the following years she tried tablets and prescription strength deodorant, but nothing worked.

And when she left school at 16 to study dance, the condition threatened to destroy her career.


She said: ‘We trained barefoot but my feet were so wet I would slip over, it was embarrassing. Ballet was a nightmare because my body would be too slippery for my partner to hold me.

‘I was totally distraught that sweating was ruining my life and nobody seemed able to help.


‘I dreaded parties because I couldn’t wear heels without them slipping off and even a little bit of dancing left me dripping with sweat with horrible patches on my dress.

‘Even my mobile phones kept breaking due to water damage from the sweat.’


It was only after watching Channel 4 show Embarrassing Bodies that Miss Dare turned to the Internet and learned about a surgical procedure that could help.

It involved cutting under her armpits and severing the sweat gland in a procedure known as ETS. It was carried out under the NHS in March this year.


Miss Dare was delighted to notice the immediate difference it made to her hands.

She said: ‘They were bone dry, I couldn’t believe it. It was amazing.

‘I couldn’t wait to hold hands with my partner in public. It might sound something small but I’d always been envious of couples that could.’


She also noticed an improvement to her feet and armpits.

She added: ‘Sweating ruined my life for too many years, I want other sufferers to know help is available.’