FARRAH Bates is eating her family out of house and home due to a condition making her munch on carpets and walls.

The five-year-old suffers from Pica, a rare disorder which gives her cravings for non-food substances.

She has been known to scoff on clothing and walls and even feast on furniture.

The condition has meant the family, who live in rented homes, have had to move home twice and have had to pay for costly repairs.

Mum Clara Bates, 29, first noticed her odd appetite when Farrah was 10 months old.

“She always had her foot in her mouth sucking on it. I was told babies do that, so not to worry”

She said: “She always had her foot in her mouth sucking on it. I was told babies do that, so not to worry.

“But then I noticed the Velcro was missing from her baby shoes. When I replaced them the same thing happened.

“I realised she must be digesting it and I was terrified.”

Distraught Clara, from Derby, sought help straight away but was assured the tot was teething and would grow out of it.

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Instead of getting better Farrah started eating her baby brother’s shoes too.

And when Clara hid them she began munching on clothes instead.

Clara realised how bad the problem was when she found bits of undigested carpet in Farrah’s potty.

She said: “I asked Farrah what she was eating and she pointed to the carpet as if to say ‘yum yum’.

“Suddenly it made sense, I had noticed holes appearing around the edges next to the door frames but had no idea why.”

Clara removed the carpet completely to stop her daughter eating it – but was hit with a £500 bill from her landlord and told to move out.

They then had to move again a year later when an attempt to cover the floor in tiles failed.

There’s also the cost of all the shoes, clothing and bedding she has had to replace.

Last year Farrah was diagnosed with Pica by a consultant at her local hospital and given vitamin pills to help curb her cravings.

Clara said: “It’s a serious condition that can lead to death.

“I worry so much but, unfortunately, there is no treatment as such.

“We just have to hope she grows out of it.

“Having Farrah brings a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘eating me out of house and home’, because it’s literally causing us to have to move every time she damages a house.

“But she doesn’t understand and she can’t help the cravings she has.”