A DRINKER was left feeling pig sick when he tucked into his bag of pork scratchings – only to find one of his tasty snacks featured the pigs identification number which would have been etched onto his skin. The four numbers from the identification code, which would have been branded onto the pig by a farmer, could be clearly read on a large piece of scratching. Local businessman Adrian Mullins, 41, said he’s always enjoyed a bag of pork scratchings with a pint but had never seen anything like it before. He said: ‘ I couldn’t believe it when I lifted the pork scratching out of the bag and the numbers caught my eye. ‘You could clearly see four numbers and I knew straight away it must have been the identification code for the pig. ‘It was a bit of a brutal reminder of what pork scratchings are. I mean we all know it’s deep fried pig skin but prefer not to think of it. ‘How can you not when you can actually read the skin in your hand.’ A pal took photographs of the pork scratching while Adrian deliberated over whether to eat it or not. ‘I must admit it did put me off to start with. But then I thought what the hell and I still had my pint left so I ate it. Despite the writing it still tasted pretty good with my beer.’ Adrian, 41, from Twickenham, Middlesex, bought the classic pub snack at his local boozer The Rifleman pub.