DIY lip job disaster leaves sexy model severely bruised: ‘It looks like a moustache’

A PART-TIME swimwear model has been left unable to work after budget lip fillers left her with dark rings around her mouth.

Gail Scott was so desperate to emulate the super pout of reality star Kylie Jenner, that she took matters into her own hands.

Unable to afford £200 for injectable chemical fillers, the part-time swimwear model and retail worker was intrigued when she heard about a DIY version.

But after performing it at home, she was left with painful, dark bruising around her mouth that has left her unable to model.

“I look like I’ve been punched in the mouth. Apart from the pain the dark bruising above my mouth looks like a moustache,” she said.

“I feel ridiculous and I haven’t wanted to leave the house since.”
Now she is hoping her example will warn other women against the craze that is currently sweeping social media.

She said: “My lips looked great after – but only for about three minutes until the bruising started and then my lips went down anyway.

“I want other women to know the dangers, it’s not worth it.

“I was lucky not to burst a blood vessel because since I posted my warning I’ve heard that can happen.”
Gail, from Salisbury in Wiltshire, had been saving for lip fillers ever since Kylie Jenner’s pout sparked a huge craze for lip enhancements.

“I know a lot of girls who have had it done because they like the way her lips look,” she explained.
“It’s never been so popular.”

So keen to keep up with the fashion, Gail planned to have the procedure too.
“It wasn’t that I was unhappy with my lips, I’ve never had an issue with them, but I liked the way enhanced lips look, especially around the cupids bow,” she said.

But at £200 a time she was struggling to save the cash.

“I wanted it done earlier this year but I’ve been saving for a holiday and then my lap top broke so when heard about a cheaper way I decided to try it,” she added.

Gail had heard about the American Fullips tool available on eBay and Amazon which promises an enhanced look without injections.

Buyers suck into a lip shaped vessel to increase blood supply to the lips, temporarily giving an artificial plumped look.

The product costs between £20 and £30 so when Gail heard that it was possible to create the same results without spending any money she decided to try it.

“My friends told me that women were using bottle lids instead of the actual Fullips tool with good results,” she said.

She used the lid of a mini hairspray bottle and after placing it over her lips sucked for five or six minutes until they started to tingle.

Initially she was delighted when she removed the lid to see her lips looked fuller. But minutes later dark circles of bruising appeared above and below her lips.

“I couldn’t believe it, the skin was getting darker and darker and it looked like I was growing a moustache,” she said.
“The inside of my mouth began to throb and hurt too.”

She turned to make up to try and cover the bruising but says she won’t be able to model again until it’s healed completely.
“I thought I’d saved money but it’s probably cost me that in foundation trying to cover it,” she said.

Gail posted a warning on her own Facebook page at the weekend and says she has since been thanked by other women who were planning to perform DIY lip jobs.

She now plans to stick with a lip enhancing gloss called Lip Voltage.

“I have been lucky. I’ve since heard of other women who have actually burst blood vessels doing this,” she said.
“It’s just not worth it.”