Terri-Ann, 32, from Doncaster, leads a millionaire lifestyle thanks to her self penned diet which is transforming the lives of thousands of slimmers.
AS I pull my brand new Range Rover into the sweeping driveway in front of my five- bedroom mansion complete with cinema room, bar, and walk in wardrobes full of designer gear, I have to pinch myself to believe it it’s real.

‘Is this just a dream?’ I’ll often say to my husband Michael as we pack our designer cases for yet another holiday to a far flung exotic destination.

You see life hasn’t always been this way. Just a few years ago I was a skint single mum struggling to make ends meet, staying with my mum Julie Mitchell, because me and my kids had nowhere to go.

Now I live a millionaire lifestyle I never dreamed possible and it’s all thanks to losing weight…

But like most rags to riches stories, it hasn’t been an easy path.

It started back in 2005 when I was pregnant with twins and looking forward to becoming a mother for the first time.

But after being induced my placenta ruptured during the birth and one day after they were born, my baby girl Kelise died of organ failure.

Thankfully our son Angelo survived. But my then partner and I were both inconsolable with grief. Just weeks later we found out I was pregnant again and a year after the twins were born I gave birth to daughter Aaleyha.

I was still grieving and caring for two babies under the age of one was hard work.

Constantly exhausted and stressed I turned to food for comfort.

My partner and I muddled through surviving on takeaway food and I didn’t even care that rather than losing my baby weight, of three and a half stone, I was putting it on.

By April 2007 my weight had peaked at 15 stone 7 pounds and I was locked in a cycle of depression and over eating.

My relationship couldn’t survive and in February 2009 we split up. I had nowhere to live so me and the kids moved in with my mum.

I was at rock bottom, but desperate to improve my life, so after eventually finding us a tiny flat to live in, I decided to start losing weight.

I tried every slimming club in my local area, but nothing ever worked in the long term and if I lost anything, it always crept back on.

The only success I had was with a carb light diet.  I managed to lose two stone but it left me feeling weak and anxious due to the lack of carbs so I gave that up too.

My confidence was still at rock bottom when I met Micheal Nunns on a night out, so much so that I didn’t expect him to look twice at me.

But despite him being five years younger we hit it off. My weight never bothered Michael, but it still bothered me and next to him I felt even more frumpy.

So on New Years Day 2010 I vowed to lose the weight once and for all. The only thing was, as I knew I hadn’t been able to stick to any of the plans I’d tried before, I decided I’d have to create my own.

I’d left school with a handful of GCSEs and studied business at college but had only ever worked as a PA so with no nutritional training I was just going on what had and hadn’t worked for me in the past.

As the carb light diet had helped me lose the most weight I decided to start by eating only protein. I lost ten pounds in the first week but after ten days felt the side effects

So after the initial phase I called The 10 Day Boost, that’s when I decided to introduce some carbs to stave off the energy drop.

So I added foods like wholemeal bread and lamb to my diet of lean meats, fish and salad and called this second phase ‘ Stage Two New Food.’

To keep my body on it’s toes after a week I then switched back to removing the bread and lamb and called this stage The Switch. I then alternated between the two stages to stop my metabolism getting sluggish.

I was losing weight without feeling hungry and I felt great too. If I had a few days off, that was fine, I just started again on Ten Day Boost.

I couldn’t believe it was working so well. By May 2011 I’d lost 3stone 6 pounds, which meant on top of the two stone I had already lost trying other diet plans, I was now a size eight. So I devised the final phase called Life changes to maintain.

When I posted my before and after pictures on facebook the response was amazing, all my friends wanted to know how I’d done it.

So I started telling them all about my DIY diet and lots of them started themselves.

Word spread and soon people I didn’t know were adding me and asking me to share my diet with them too.

I was more than happy to help and set up a facebook page dedicated to my three step plan. Soon it had more than 300 members. I called it the Terri Ann 123 diet plan.

By now I was working as a PA for a bus company, but spent every free minute logged into facebook trying to help others.

I loved what I was doing so much it had never even occurred to me to charge, but eventually I had to start asking people to pay postage and packaging because I was sending out so many books.

News spread like wildfire and I was inundated with more requests every day.

‘I can’t believe how many people are following my plan.’ I said proudly to Michael.

My facebook wall was full of posts from other slimmers about how much they had lost and numbers were continuing to swell.

I began to wonder if I could turn my passion into a career.

So I set up a new members area and began charging a one off fee to join, including a copy of the Terri-Ann 123 plan and recipe book plus access to the members only support area.

It was an instant hit. But it was exhausting finding the time to support all my new members online and juggle the kids and a full time job.

Michael worked in factory and promised to support us if I gave up work to focus on my diet plan full time.

‘I know you can do this,’ he told me when I finally decided to make the step in February 2012.

It meant I could offer personal 24/ 7 support online or in person on the phone.

It was hard work, and I’d often put in 20 hour days but within months I had thousands more members from across the UK and even abroad.

I was constantly online offering encouragement and support to members and creating new dishes to keep them motivated.

As the community grew other members who’d reached targets on my diet began offering help and advice too.

I even had to take on staff to help me manage. Being able to offer work to hard up mums like I had been made me so proud.

Within two years I had 20,000 members and was earning £40,000 a year from membership fees, more than double my old salary.

In January 2013 I gave birth to our Aamya, but Michael joked I spent most of my labour on my phone giving advice to members.

‘You’re a workaholic,’ people said, but it was hard not to be when I knew my diet plan was changing people’s lives.

And when my baby was three months old I got straight back on my plan and slimmed with my members, losing all the baby weight I had gained.

Later that year in June 2013 Michael gave up his job to develop a shake that could be used as part of the plan. ‘I’m so proud,’ I gushed as members posted how delicious it was.

When I had a tummy tuck in May 2014 I was honest with my members, explaining that it was to remove loose skin and not fat.

No amount of exercise could shift skin: ‘ I’m good but not that good’ I joked to them.

By November 2014 the plan had been such a success that our income had tripled enabling Michael and I to buy our dream home.

As I walked from room to room I could barely believe that my diet plan had made it all possible.

Members were calling it the best diet they’d ever done and the Terri-Ann 123 diet plan was turning over close to half a million a year.

‘Wow, look at this,’ I gasped to Michael as members posted their incredible before and after pictures.

Last year we got married in a glittering £30k ceremony at a country house attended by all of our family and friends.

I treated all the girls to an all expenses paid hen do in Marbella costing £10,000 but it was worth ever penny.

‘I love being able to treat you,’ I told them as we partied away at exclusive clubs before heading back to a stunning villa.

Then after our wedding Michael and I flew first class to Las Vegas for our £10,000 honeymoon.

Last year we also visited Mexcio and Monte Carlo, it was a world apart from the caravan in Skegness we usually holidayed at after collecting Sun tokens.

Now I’m pregnant again and our baby is due in July. I’ve already gained 15 pounds but I know that thanks to my plan I’ll get it off easily.

Over Christmas more than 1400 new members joined making it our busiest period ever. I’ve also joined up with other local business to offer fitness classes and food bundles to make the diet even easier.

Membership now costs £19, but there’s no monthly fees so I believe it’s better value than any other slimming club.

I’m no expert, but my the plan worked for me and it’s working for thousands of others. One of my members recently celebrated a 12 stone weight loss, our biggest loss yet.

I’ve also started posting fitness videos online which are watched by hundreds of thousands of people. My kids laugh when I get recognized in the street. To them I’m just mum.

The only downside is now when I post about my holidays or new cars on facebook some people accuse me of bragging – but I’ve always posted everything on facebook.

When I was driving a battered old car and holidaying in caravans, it was all over facebook. I love supporting other women like me trying to do well and it’s a shame people want to see you fail. But I won’t let it stop me.

The success of my plan is a dream come true. The handbags, the cars and the holidays are all fantastic, but there’s no greater gift than seeing the difference you make to a member’s life when they reach their goal weight.

For more information about the Terri-Ann123 plan visit the website www.terryann123dietplan.co.uk