A dash of honey, one egg white and a blob of vitamin E cream: The DIY ‘vajacial’ that cougar creator, 41, claims will help women to bed younger me

When she started dating younger men after the breakdown of her marriage Lisa Palmer was keen to maintain a glow of youth.

The 41–year-old from Tunbridge Wells, Kent, spent a fortune on make up, facials and clothes to stay looking young.
But it was, she says, a big mistake to ignore her nether regions, which she says looked wrinkly and old by comparison.

Lisa now wants other women wanting to date younger men to follow her example, and has even devised a DIY beauty regime to help.

After deciding against vaginal cosmetic surgery, Lisa embarked on a quest to find a natural way of turning back the years downstairs.

Drawing on techniques from the Far East, Ms Palmer says she found the perfect way to improve the appearance and feel of her vagina and claims younger lovers have told her she now has a vagina age of 25.
Lisa said: ‘I can’t believe I neglected that area for so many years whilst married. Now my vagina hasn’t felt or looked so good in years.

‘The real proof in the pudding is the reaction I’ve had from guys that say I have the vagina of a 25 year old.’
Ms Palmer started dating younger men after the collapse of her long marriage.
But while she paid lots of attention to her make up and clothes she couldn’t help feeling self-conscious about the appearance of her vagina.

She says: ‘ We tend to forget our nether regions, thinking a Brazilian wax is enough. But when I was dating my first younger man I looked downstairs to realise it was a bit wrinkly and dry compared to when I was younger.’
At first self-confessed cougar Lisa considered cosmetic surgery to rejuvenate her vagina. But was put off by the cost and possible risks associated with such intimate surgery.

So instead she began to research natural remedies and discovered that women in the Far East had been using natural methods to take care of and improve their vaginas for centuries.
Techniques like vaginal steaming and vaginal facials had been used to improve sexual health and well-being, easing periods pains and improving sex.

Lisa began experimenting at home to create her own version using ingredients from the kitchen and bathroom cupboards before discovering what she calls the perfect recipe.

She said: ‘ It felt weird at first because I wasn’t used to paying such close attention to that area but you get used to it and now I actually enjoy the experience of pampering my nether regions.’
She claims since she started performing the vagina facial at home she’s managed to recapture a youthful glow and improve dryness, tightness and elasticity.

She said: ‘ As we age and especially during the onset on the menopause, oestragen production slows and then eventually stops, where the vagina can become dry and thinner.’
Lisa claims the response she’s had from lovers has led her to encourage other women to start performing the DIY facials at home.

She runs a dating website called Cubs and Cougars offering dating advice and coaching services to other women wanting to date younger men and now instructs all her clients to perform the vagina facial at home every week.

Lisa also advises clients to follow vaginal exercises to help combat any looseness caused by childbirth or ageing.

She said: ‘Childbirth and age can often leave us feeling loose so that is why it is important to regularly exercise the pelvic floor muscles if you want to date younger men.’

Now with an estimated one third of British women over 40 wanting to date a toy boy in their twenties, Lisa says the vagina is one area that simply cannot be ignored anymore.