Cake killed my catwalk career but I’m back on the runway now. Model’s return after losing 9 stone. MODEL Normperta Magkitouka was used to getting admiring glances for her looks and svelte figure. But she was mortified when she started getting double takes for a less complimentary reason – her weight gain. NOMPERTA gained NINE stone in a YEAR by binge eating cake and had to say goodbye to her career in the limelight. Ballooning from a size eight to a 22, Normperta, 28, found her looks were so different it ended her career. Embarrassed, she decided she needed to take her figure in hand. Kicking her baked goods habit and dropping a whopping nine stone, she has taken to the runway again for the first time in seven years. Normperta, who has gone from scone to svelte, says: “I hated being big, but took comfort in cake. I hid away. “After losing the weight I am so much more positive. I feel powerful, strong and very very proud. “It felt good to be on that catwalk again, and this time I appreciate it more.” Normperta, who also works as a software developer, from Turnpike Lane, North London, says she kept her 5ft 11ins model figure in trim easily through her teenage years. She says: “I was always a size six to eight and never had to think about it. I pretty much ate what I wanted.” She was soon being asked to take part in fashion shows and photo-shoots. She says: “I love the fashion industry so it was amazing.’ The life she had built came crashing down when age, aged 21, she suffered two emotional upsets. In months of each other she split with her ex and lost her grandmother.  But it was after losing her grandmother that her eating really spiraled out of control. Alarmed at how quickly she gained weight she saw her GP but tests were clear. Normperta started indulging in a new-found passion for stodgy cakes. She says: “I loved cupcakes and cheesecake, so I stated treating myself to cheer up. “But it became like an addiction, I couldn’t stop eating it alongside ice cream and biscuits.” As her waistline began to expand, her diary started to empty. She explains: “The bigger I got I noticed my phone stopped ringing. “I understood why I wasn’t get asked to model anymore but I was shocked at the way all my so-called friends abandoned me.” Devastated, Normperta turned back to food for comfort. She could easily eat her way through an entire cake for 20 people. She says: “By then I didn’t care, I was punishing myself. I thought if I am going to be a big person I might as well make the most of it. “I could eat so much cake in one sitting that even I would get sick of it so then I would look for something savoury to eat like chips or cheese. “After that I needed something sweet so I would go back to the cakes again or ice cream. I would eat the whole tub. “I was out of control.” Normperta was gaining up to one stone a month by binge eating. She told herself she could lose it whenever she wanted, but struggled when she tried. She says: “I would pick a diet, follow it and lose hardly any weight so comforted myself with cake again. “I must have tried every diet going. It was impossible.” Finally, after reaching size 22, she spoke to her doctor again. This time tests revealed she was suffering with a hormone imbalance caused by an over active pituitary gland. She says: “I was told in no uncertain terms that because of this I would never be able to lose the weight. I was devastated. The thought of being slim again one day was all that kept me going.” Fed up with her weight and not getting any modelling work, she started studying, for something positive to do. Her qualifications soon got her a great job, but despite success in her career Normperta became determined to lose weight. She says: “I hated feeling invisible all the time. “I think it was harder because as a model I had experienced how differently you are treated when you are slim.” Despite her weight loss prognosis, she continued to search for diets online and found slimming consultants Dual Dynamics in 2013. She says: “A part of me just could not give up on the dream of being slim and confident again. “Despite what I had been told I could not accept spending my whole life feeling so awful. “I had given up, but the people at Dual Dynamics said it was possible. I was over the moon and signed up on the spot.” The three-step plan involved following the Cambridge Weight Plan, where Normperta had meal replacement shakes and snacks. She says: “It was the perfect diet for me because of my sweet tooth. Eating milkshake and chocolate bars was like music to my ears.” Normperta lost a stone in the first fortnight and the weight continued to fall off, by the end of the year she reached 10st 10lbs and a size eight. With the support of her slimming consultants she began to introduce healthy foods back into her diet and exercise and now weighs 9st 12lbs and wears a svelte size six. She says: “The journey was not just about changing the way I looked but improving my confidence and self worth. “I wanted to be me but just an improved, happier more confident version. “I feel very fortunate to have my education, career and figure back again. This time I won’t take it for granted, I am older and wiser this time round.” Fore more information about Dual Dynamics visit: