My man got me and his sister pregnant at the same time – but I’m standing by them

Pregnant with her boyfriend’s baby, Becks, 20 was looking forward to settling down with the man she loved.

By happy coincidence her partner Matt’s sister was also expecting a baby and Becks  grew close to her future sister in law as their bumps blossomed.

But when she was eight months pregnant Matt dropped the bombshell news that he was also the father to his sister Jessica baby.

Horrified Becks was utterly distraught that her man had got his own sister pregnant after sleeping with her but astonishingly after a heart to heart , she made the decision to stand by him.

As I cradled my new-born baby daughter Jasmine, I couldn’t help thinking how beautiful she was. And how much she looked like my partner, Matt. She had shared the same shaped eyes, mouth and nose.

But whereas most Mums would think it cute she was such a daddy’s girl, I couldn’t help feeling a stab of pain. Because out there I knew there was another little baby that looked the same but had nothing to do with me…

I was 19 when I met Matt on a boozy night out. One thing led to another and a few weeks later, I realised my period was late.

‘I don’t want anything from you, I just thought you should know,’ I texted him when I was eight weeks gone.

A few days later, Matt got back to me.

‘I want to do the right thing by you,’ he said.

After that we starting texting every day. After a week, we met up. The attraction was still here. Soon, he’d practically moved in with me.
It wasn’t ideal – I was living with my dad – but still, I couldn’t help feeling pleased.

But there was only one problem – he was always dashing off to see his sister Jessica.

Matt, 23, explained he’d only met Jessica for the first time the year before. They’d both been born to the same mum and adopted soon after birth.

Matt had been 18 when he first contacted his birth mother who told him he had siblings.

He tracked down his sisters via social services and was delighted when he started chatting on messenger. They were just a year apart in age and really hit it off.

A few weeks later he offered her a place to stay.

‘It’s nice how you’re so close,’ I said.

‘You should meet her,’ he said after we’d been seeing each other for a month.

I was delighted. Jessica obviously meant a lot to Matt.

So Matt took me over to see her. The two of us really hit it off. She was two years’ older than me, but we had lots of things in common. We liked the same music and TV programmes and of course, there was Matt.

‘We can meet up all the time now!’ I giggled. It was nice having a new friend. And I could tell Matt was pleased that we got on.

When just a few weeks later, Jessica confided in me that she was pregnant, I was touched. With only three months between us we could go through this together.

‘I don’t really know the father,’ she told me. ‘It was a one-night stand.’

‘You never know…’ I said. ‘After all, look how things have worked out for me and Matt.’

But she remained tight-lipped, wouldn’t even tell me his name.

Then someone told me that there were rumours the baby was Matt’s.

‘That’s ridiculous!’ I snapped. ‘She’s his sister.’  Some people were so sick.

I didn’t repeat the rumours to Matt and Jessica. What was the point? They’d only get upset and angry. And that wouldn’t do anyone any good, especially with me and  Jessica being pregnant.

As our bumps grew, so did our friendship.

‘You’re so lucky to have Matt,’ Jessica said one day.

‘I know,’ I said. ‘I can’t believe he’s chosen to stand by me in all this.’

‘He must really love you,’ Jessica said. ‘I wish I had someone like him. In fact, my ideal boyfriend would be another Matt…if only there were two of him!’

We both laughed at that.

‘It’s great how well we all get on, isn’t it?’ I said to Matt. I’d never felt so secure. Now Matt had moved in with me and my Dad and Jessica was just around the corner, it was like we were one big happy family.

But then, when I was eight months’ gone, Matt started acting strangely.

‘What’s wrong?’ I asked. But he wouldn’t say.

The one afternoon, he announced he needed to go and see Jessica.

‘What right now?’ I snapped. These days it seemed like he was round there all the time.

‘It’s important,’ he said shrugging on his coat.

He was gone for ages. I tried to call and text but – nothing.

Then, later that evening, I got a text from him: I need to talk to you when I get back. It’s important.

What is it? I texted back. I was worried, needed to know now.

Nothing could have prepared me for his reply – I did sleep with Jessica and it is my baby.

I stared at my mobile in shock. Then I burst into tears.

‘What’s wrong, love?’ Dad asked.

I showed him the message. ‘Can you believe it?’ I howled.

‘Well, I had my suspicions but it wasn’t my place to say,’ he said as I sobbed in his arms.

‘What am I going to do now?’ I wept.

A few minutes later, Matt walked in. ‘Please, just hear me out,’ he begged.

He explained that after meeting Jessica for the first time the previous year they had both experienced genetic sexual attraction and ended up in bed together.

‘But she’s your sister!’ I said.

He said they’d become confused about their feelings for each other because they hadn’t been brought up together and were just so happy to have found each other.

Only then Jessica  became pregnant and reality hit. Although Matt loved her he knew they couldn’t raise a baby together or everyone would know.

‘Then you told me you were pregnant I knew it was you I wanted to be with,’ he told me.

He told Jessica their relationship had to be over for good or she would lose her baby to social services. Jessica was upset but understood.

But Matt still needed to be close to his sister, she was family and the mother of his baby so he encouraged her and Becks to become close.

‘I’ll understand if you never want to see me again,’ he said finally.

‘I need time to think,’ I told him.

He packed a bag and went back to Jessica’s place a few streets away. ‘I can’t just abandon her, she’s my sister,’ he told me as he walked away.

That night I hardly slept. I raked over all the time we’d spent together, looking for clues.

A few times Jessica would flinch or walk out when we cuddled. It had caused arguments between me and Matt.

‘Do you think she’s jealous?’ I’d asked him.

‘Don’t be stupid, she’s my sister,’ he’d said.

And when he put it like that, of course it sounded ridiculous. Now though, I realised he must have felt guilty. I never for a second suspected why. I just put it down to Jessica not having a partner to share her pregnancy with and Matt trying to protect her.
Truth was, although I was angry at Jessica – and Matt – I also felt sorry for them. I looked up Genetic Sexual Attraction (GSA) online and discovered it was a recognised psychological phenomenon which can affect siblings or blood relatives separated at birth who go on to meet as adults.

By the next morning, I’d made up my mind.

‘I want to give us another go but I don’t want you to see Jessica anymore,’ I told him.

He refused. ‘I need to spend the same amount of time with both of you,’ he argued. ‘She needs me too.’

Eventually, I backed down. She was pregnant, after all.

Dad wasn’t pleased, though. ‘If it’s happened once it could happen again,’ he warned.

Matt shook his head. ‘I promise you I won’t sleep with her,’ he said.

‘I believe you,’ I said. Jessica had a three-bedroom house.

I didn’t want to lose Matt so I agreed he could split his time between us – he’d spend half the week with Jessica and the other half with me.

We told my family and friends our situation. I knew they’d hear the gossip anyway. I could see they were shocked but they stuck by me.

I still saw Jessica, though not as much. I never confronted her about what had happened. For Matt’s sake I was civil to her. And with us both being pregnant, neither of us needed the stress.

‘I never set out to hurt you,’ she blurted out one day. ‘And as time went on I didn’t know how to tell you.

What could I say? I believed her.

A month on I gave birth to my daughter, Jasmine, with Matt by my side. She was a tiny little thing, just 5lb 15oz, and the spit of him.

Jessica was one of our first visitors. Well, she was her aunt.

‘She’s gorgeous,’ she said cradling her in her arms.

Still, part of me flinched as I looked at her bump.

Back home, I started seeing Jessica more.

A month on it was our first Christmas a family. But knowing Jessica would be spending the day alone in her flat I allowed her to join us and even cooked her Christmas dinner.

‘Are you sure?’ Matt said.

‘She’s the only family you’ve got. She can’t be on her own,’ I shrugged.

It felt awkward but it was the right thing to do. Even Dad was civil to her
Three months later, Jessica gave birth to a baby boy, Archie.
‘He’s lovely,’ I said when I peered into his carry cot. And he was. He looked just like Matt – and Jasmine.

How are you and Matt?’ she asked when we were on our own.

‘Great,’ I said. I didn’t want to tell her I was pregnant again. I wanted to keep it between myself and Matt, we’d shared too much already.

Now, nine months on, I’ve just given birth to my second daughter with Matt . We’ve not heard from Jessica since that visit with Archie but Matt’s trying to arrange contact.