It’s definitely not a case of opposites attract for Mel Wood and her boyfriend van driver Shaun Mitchell.

The couple from Redditch, Worcestershire, look so alike they pass for sisters and have even been mistaken for TWINS.

When Mel, 18, fell for cross dresser Shaun, 23, earlier this year she already knew about his fetish for women’s clothes.

And now delivery driver Shaun has started to imitate his girlfriend’s hair and make up she couldn’t be happier.

Travel advisor Mel said: ‘ I’m flattered that he loves the way I looks so much that he wants to look like me.

‘He looks gorgeous as a guy and a girl and I love being able to share my clothes and make up with my man.

‘We love going shopping for matching outfits.’

Shaun said: ‘ When I dress as a woman obviously I want to look as attractive and sexy as I can and I think Mel is gorgeous so it’s natural to want to look like her.’

Shaun began cross dressing aged 15 after getting the urge to try his sister’s school dress on.

He says:’ I’d been curious for a while and one day I just put it on. It felt right.’

But despite this he never questioned his sexuality. He says: ‘I’ve only ever fancied girls and still do.’

After that he continued to borrow his sisters clothes in secret until he started working aged 18.

He then started to buy his own dresses, pretending they were presents.

Confused, he explored hormone therapy and gender reassignment surgery, until he realised he wanted to stay as a man but continue dressing up.

But he kept his cross-dressing a secret fearing others would not understand.

‘I was one of the lads driving a van and going to rock concerts, I didn’t know how people would take it,’ he says.

But when he was 20 in 2009 he confessed all to a girlfriend at the time.

He says: ‘ I hated keeping such a big secret. At first she said she was fine with it, but when she saw me in my wig and make up she freaked because I looked so much like her.’

Weeks later she dumped him and Shaun was devastated.

‘I hit a low because I thought I would never find anyone to accept me.

After they split Shaun thinks his ex showed friends pictures of him dressed as a woman that he kept stored online.

Images were also posted on facebook and sent anonymously to his family.

He was left with no choice but to confess.

Shaun says: ‘ At first nobody believed it was me. Mum was shocked but supportive and dad was fine too.

Relieved by their acceptance he began posting pictures of himself as a woman on his facebook page.

He become friends with Mel on the site earlier this year so when they met in a club in person in March she had already seen him dressed up.

‘It didn’t put me off. I was intrigued and fascinated.’

The pair were quick to discuss Shaun’s cross-dressing.

Mel said: ‘ I fancied him but wanted to be sure he wasn’t gay.

‘He assured me he was only attracted to women when he dressed up or not.’

Mel insists she isn’t a lesbian, despite fancying Shaun as a girl.

‘I’ve never been attracted to women, I only fancy Shaun dressed up because I know it’s him underneath.

‘He looks gorgeous as a girl. We’ll have a kiss and a cuddle with him dressed as a woman but by the time it gets much further we’re naked anyway.’

It was Mel’s idea to see Shaun dressed up just days into their relationship.

She says; ‘ He went to the bathroom and came back looking totally like a girl, I was amazed.

Dressing up became part of their relationship and Shaun had soon perfected his look by mirroring Mel.

He says: ‘ I liked the way she had her fringe swept over so I started doing my wig like that.

‘I started wearing false eyelashes too just like Mel.’

As the couple – who plan to move in together soon – are both 5ft 7ins with size 6 feet and similar slim build they borrow each other’s clothes and shoes.

Mel says: ‘ I’m a 10 and he is a 12 but can still wear lots of my stuff.

‘We look so alike that if something suits me I know it will suit him too.

‘Some times I think he looks better than me because he has fantastic bone structure and great legs.’

‘I’ve heard it’s normal to be attracted to p-people who look like you so perhaps it’s not that weird after all.’

The pair look so similar they have even been mistaken for twins.

Shaun says: ‘ One night walking home a girl stopped us for a light and asked if we were twins. We just laughed and said we were sisters and walked off.’

Mel said: ‘ Dating Shaun is like having a lover, best friend and sister all rolled into one.’