More sports women in Britain are going under the knife in the name of improving their game. It might seem drastic to opt for surgery to improve your game, but it seems more and more women are concluding that a sports bra just isn’t enough.   They are instead going under the knife in the name of their game.   And like tennis player Simona Halep, they too are finding it is improving their performance no end.   But it isn’t just the professionals like Halep turning to surgery. Increasing numbers of amateur sports women in Britain are also going under the knife to improve performance in their sporting fields.   Runner Abigail Willmitt from Liverpool, had breast reduction surgery to take her from a 32HH to a 32DD after she grew tired of them hindering her performance on the track.   And just like the tennis star, her sporting achievements have dramatically improved since the op.   She said: ‘ In terms of my running having a breast reduction was the best decision I have ever made. When I read about Simona Halep having a breast reduction I could certainly understand why.   ‘Like her, I’ve noticed a huge difference in my performance and thanks to the surgery I feel like I’m finally meeting my full potential at last.’   The 30- year- old administrator from Liverpool was a passionate cross-country runner, already head of her school team when aged 14 her chest grew to a size 32F.   Abigail recalls: ‘ The weight really slowed me down and it became very uncomfortable to run, even with sports bras.   ‘I would wear two at a time and a sports vest but it didn’t make much of a difference.’   But unfortunately for Abigail the problem was to get worse as her breasts continued to grow.   By the time she reached 18 Abigail was a 32HH and had practically given up on running all together.   She explains: ‘I was hoping to join the same running club as my father but eventually conceded that I just couldn’t go any further because of my breasts.   ‘I hated it and resented the fact I couldn’t do what I wanted to do because the size of my chest was holding me back.   ‘Even if I did manage to run I was extremely self conscious and felt like people were staring at me for the wrong reasons so in the end I gave up.’   Abigail tried other sports, but none she enjoyed as much as running and even then her breasts still caused pain.   Eventually her grandmother offered to help fund a reduction costing £5,000.   Abigail met with a surgeon from the Transform Cosmetic Surgery Group who agreed she would benefit – and more crucially – her performance would be improved by surgery.   She said: ‘ When I explained why I wanted it done my surgeon was very understanding.   ‘The risks were explained to me but it was clear that the benefits would far outweigh them.   ‘I wanted a reduction so I could become fitter and healthier and exercise more. The surgeon agreed I was a perfect candidate for the operation.’   After a six-week recovery period she started to introduce gentle exercise and was astonished at the difference. She says: ‘ I couldn’t believe how much easier it felt to run without giant boobs bouncing around.   ‘I felt lighter, more agile and much less self conscious   ‘It was far more comfortable not to have to wear all the sports bras and I just wished I had done it sooner.’   Within a year of the operation Abigail completed her first half marathon, followed by a full marathon the year after.   She says: ‘ It was a huge achievement for me and I know it wouldn’t have been possible without the surgery.’   She’s since run marathons around the world including Florida, Las Vegas and London and says the surgery was the best decision of her life.   London based receptionist Natasha Sidhu, 25, shares that sentiment. She was also a keen sportswoman until her breasts grew to a 38J when she was 20.   She says: ‘ Before that I loved all sport, from dancing, to running to the gym. Keeping fit was a big part of my life.’   But she suffered back pain and says sports bras did little to help.   ‘My chest was that heavy that sport bars would dig into my shoulders and make me bleed.’   She also became very self- conscious, especially when dancing.   She explains: ‘ Most dancers don’t have J cup chests so I stood out a mile. It was embarrassing so I started to focus more on other activities but in the end they became painful too.’   Eventually her sporting activity petered off all together and Natasha resented the impact her breasts had on her life.   ‘I really missed sport, it was part of who I was but I felt like it was pointless.’   She gained over two stone in weight once she stopped exercising. Finally she decided to get fit and healthy again – but first the breasts had to be reduced.   She too saw a surgeon again from Transform who agreed to reduce her to a more manageable size so she could resume playing sport.   She says: ‘ I wasn’t even nervous because I was so desperate for the reduction. I couldn’t wait to get into theatre.’   Natasha was delighted with her new 36DD cup breasts and couldn’t wait to go for her first run eight weeks later.   She says: ‘ I was beaming from ear to ear because it felt so liberating. I couldn’t wait to get back in the gym and start weight lifting.’   She now enjoys lifting weights at least four times a week as well as running and spinning classes.   Natasha said: ‘Sport is a huge part of my life again thanks to the operation.’   For more information about Transform Cosmetic Surgery visit <>   ENDS