A WOMAN has told how breast surgery gave her the boost she needed to launch a business.


Lucie Morgan, 28, says implants to increase her bust from a B cup to an E cup finally gave her the confidence to start her own company.


She says that before her operation she was too self conscious to have held seminars or perform well in business meetings.


She says: ‘ I admit it sounds bizarre that a boob job can have a positive impact on business but it’s true.


‘Before my operation my confidence held me back. I couldn’t visualise myself talking confidently in seminars or at events and parties but now all that has changed.


‘When I tell people I had a boob job to boost my career they wrongly assume I wanted to be a glamour model but nothing could be further from the truth.


‘I think my story shows it’s not only glamour girls who have surgery to boost their careers, business women do too.


‘It’s all about having the confidence and the surgery has given me that.’


Professional sign writer Miss Morgan from Long Sutton in Lincolnshire says she had always struggled with her self esteem after battling weight issues in her teens.


She recalls being a chubby school girl who ballooned to 18 stone by the age 18.


Miss Morgan said: ‘I told myself I was happy being fat and compensated by being bubbly but I don’t think anyone can say that are truly happy and confident when they are overweight.’


But matters came to a head when she was out celebrating her 18th birthday and became the target of abuse because of her weight.


She says: ‘ A group of girls falsely accused me of being disrespectful to one of them and before I knew it they had rounded on me, calling me a fat cow and ridiculing me because of my size.


‘It turned into the worst birthday ever.’


So the determined teenager vowed to lose the weight and cut out all junk food and take away meals from her diet.


She also reduced her carb intake and instead ate a healthy diet of lean met and vegetables or salad.


Ms Morgan also started exercising.


In the following 12 months she lost an astonishing nine stone, dropping from 18 stone to just nine stone.


At 5ft 5inches tall she went from a size 20 to a size 8.


She was thrilled with her success on the scales but the dramatic change to her bust left her feeling flat.


Ms Morgan explains: ‘ When I was 18 stone my generous bust was probably the only thing I liked about myself.’


She was a 38 D before starting her diet but by the time she turned 19 one year later she was a deflated small B cup.


She says: ‘ Of course I was thrilled with my weight loss but still felt very self -conscious because of my bust.’


She resorted to padded bras and chicken fillet type bust enhancers.


Miss Morgan said: ‘ I just felt I couldn’t relax and embrace my weight loss. It was frustrating to have worked so hard and still not feel confident and relaxed about my body.


‘In fact I think I was more self aware because I had lost nine stone.’


She recalls a holiday with friends in 2011 which revealed how low her confidence had dropped.


She explains: ‘ I was able to wear a bikini like my friends but now instead of covering my fat I was covering my flat chest.


‘Because I had lost the weight so quickly they were like two empty sacks.


‘I wondered if all the hard work had been worth it because I still wasn’t confident enough to follow my dreams including starting my own business.’


When a friend had cosmetic surgery with Transform Miss Morgan visited their webpage <>  <>  and researched breast enlargement.


When an ex partner offered to help her finance a bust enlargement she leapt at the chance and arranged a consultation with Transform.


Miss Morgan said: ‘ I told the consultant at Transform that I just wanted to look normal and finally feel confident like other women my age and he understood.’


She had the £4,000 operation in February 2013 and says her confidence increased dramatically.


She recalls: ‘ The nurses were really supportive and when I came round in the Transform hospital it was like I was finally the person I should have been all along.


‘I felt good and I looked good and that had such a positive impact on every aspect of my life.


Miss Morgan says she had long considered starting a small business but lacked the confidence to stand up and speak publicly in meetings and at events – something she knew she would have to do.


But within months of the procedure she had started planning her business It Works With Lucie, selling body wraps and other products to help tone problem areas.


‘I started using them after my weight loss and thought they were amazing so decided to start the business.


She says:’ I couldn’t wait to get going. I didn’t think twice about speaking in public or holding events where as that held me back before.’


She runs the business in the evenings and at weekends alongside her day job.


She says: ‘ I would never have fulfilled my dream of running a small business if I hadn’t had my boob job.


‘I don’t care what people say but to be a success in business you don’t just need a brain, you need confidence too, something I never had before my operation.’