When Lisa Holmes decided to give up smoking she was looking forward to improving her health and her bank balance. She was braced to gain some weight but was totally unprepared for what happened to her bust. The 46- year- old lorry driver from Stevenage says gaining and losing weight from her chest after crunching her cigarette habit destroyed her 34B breasts. She says her bust was left looking so deflated that she decided to invest the cash she had saved by quitting on a breast augmentation as a reward for staying smoke free. Her new £4,000 breasts are she says an expensive reminder never to smoke up again. She said: ‘ I never considered giving up smoking would have an effect on my bust but the changes my body went through completely ruined my breasts. ‘The cup size didn’t change but because I gained and then lost weight on my boobs I lost all the volume so looked very flat and withered. ‘I gave up smoking because I wanted to feel better about myself but I actually felt worse. ‘I couldn’t believe I had gone through not only giving up smoking but then gaining and losing weight which only seemed to go to and from my breasts only to end up more unhappy with myself. ‘I’d saved a fortune on cigarettes so I decided to go for surgery to reward myself.’ Mrs Holmes who works as a lorry driver started smoking when she was 16 years old. For many years she maintained a neat size ten figure weighing around nine stone while smoking 30 a day. At 5ft 6inches tall with a 34 B bust she felt perfectly in proportion. But all that was to change when three years ago on January 1st 2012 she gave up smoking as her New Year resolution. She says: ‘ I’d been thinking about it for a long time. I was worried about the effects on my health and the long term damage I had already caused to my body. ‘I should have done it years earlier and didn’t want to leave it any longer.’ But like many who stop smoking Mrs Holmes began to put on weight and found it was mainly on her chest. She says: ‘ I filled the gap left by smoking with biscuits ands nibbles. It kept my fingers busy but unfortunately that meant it started to show on my body. ‘I filled out a little all over but the difference was mainly to my bust which seemed to swell. I told myself it was still preferable to smoking and that I would tackle the weight gain once I was smoke free.’ So the following year when she was confident that she had beaten her addiction Mrs Holmes who had gone up to a size 12 decided to lose the weight. She ditched snacking and started running until she was back in a size 10 dress and then even slipped down to a size eight weighing around eight stone. But when she became very aware that the process had had a terrible effect on her bust which she describes as looking like ‘ two empty flaps of skin.’ She said: ‘ There was never a huge amount there but what I was left with was awful. ‘I started wearing padded bras and trying to disguise the loss of volume. I was very self conscious about my bust for the first time in my life. ‘It felt like a bit of a kick in the face when I had worked so hard on quitting smoking and losing weight only to be left with another problem.’ So when she calculated how much she had saved by breaking her habit she decided to reward herself with breast surgery. She explains: ‘ I booked a consultation at Transform and explained that giving up smoking had destroyed my boobs and asked if I could be restored to how I looked before. ‘The surgeon was wonderful and honestly explained that the sudden weight gain and loss on my breasts had caused sagginess. ‘To avoid needing an uplift too he suggested I go for slightly larger implants to fill out the loose skin I had been left with.’ Last year she went under the knife at the Transform Hospital in London to go from a 34 B to a 34 E. She said: ‘ The odd thing is I don’t look massively different now to before when I smoked, but the volume is back and I’m delighted. ‘This is my reward to myself and every time I look in the mirror I am reminded how far I have come and never ever  to smoke again.’