The Babywearing Ballet classes taking America by storm thanks to gorgeous pictures of dancers wearing their babies.

It’s ballet, but not quite as you know it. Because as well as the usual ballet attire – these dancers are also wearing their babies. In a new fitness craze sweeping America, Babywearing Ballet is being billed as the perfect exercise class for new mothers, especially those who can’t find a babysitter. It means the little ones pictured here are already doing plies and tendus before they can even walk. For the duration of the class the mothers practice usual ballet techniques while wearing their newborn babies in a baby carrier or sling. It is claimed that not only do the classes benefit the mothers who get a gentle, safe and effective workout, but the babies too who enjoy the movement and music, said to emulate the swaying and motion they felt in the womb. Ballet dancer and mother of two Morgan Castner created this class in California. Now an adorable video she posted showing her students dancing with their babies has been shared more than 200,000 times. Ms Castner teaches with her nine- week- old daughter in a sling and came up with the idea two years ago to combine her love of ballet and babywearing. She explains: ‘ My son was 11 months old and with my husband serving in the military I was looking for fun things we could do together while he was away. ‘I love dancing and loved baby wearing so it was a natural progression. ‘I think Babywearing Ballet has taken off as mothers are embracing the idea and culture of babywearing.’ Ms Castner said she has been overwhelmed by the response to her video since posting it online and watching it go viral. She said: ‘ It’s crazy, I’ve had so many messages from people wanting to take part and lots are from mothers in the UK who say they wish there were Babywearing Ballet classes there for them to go to.’ Ms Castner added that the main focus of the class was bonding between mother and child. She said it was only natural that babies enjoyed the motion from dance and found it relaxing after being swayed in the womb for nine months. She explained: ‘ It’s the perfect class for mum and baby to spend time together. There is no sitter required and mums get to enjoy a low impact toning work out while baby gets to experience all of your movements, rocking motions, soothing classical music and time close to you.’ ‘It’s a wonderful way for mothers to spend time with their babies outside of the house. ‘You are dancing, toning, bonding and meeting other new mothers.’ According to her website classes begin by warming up at the barre with plies, tendus and desages and move to centre floor work including upper body port de bras, positions and choreography all while wearing little one in a sling. She added that Babywearing Ballet was suitable for all levels of fitness and for babies from newborn to any babywearing age. All participants need is a comfortable and secure baby carrier and usual gym clothes. Tutus are optional. ENDS