Author: Kelly Strange

Squeals on the bus

Powering through a night shift at the hospital where I worked as a nurse, I couldn’t stop myself from yawning. ‘Don’t swallow me!’ my colleague, a fellow nurse quipped. ‘Sorry?’ I said. But I knew exactly what she was referring to. My size. At 5ft5, I weighed 18 stone 5Ibs and was a size 22. You don’t get to be as big as I was without having to put up with rude comments and jibes. It was as if people thought the extra flesh would protect my feeling from being hurt. It didn’t help that I specialised in caring...

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Mum vs the greedy grinch

The Grinch Who Stole our Christmas ‘Got my money today?’ my friend Kelly asked. I smiled as I reached into my purse for a £20 note. My mummy mate certainly wasn’t shy about coming forward! We’d met at my six-year-old son Fionn’s nursery. My husband Michael, 47, and I had moved to a bigger house across town and Kelly took her daughter, Maisie, to the same nursery. We formed a little gang with some other mums, had fun going to bingo or hitting the shops. When Kelly started a savings scheme though the Christmas club Park, we all decided...

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Parents vow to give girl who cold die at any time a perfect Christmas

Fia is a real life Christmas Fairy   The angelic four- year old suffers from a rare condition affecting just 100 children worldwide that means she will one day grow real wings and fly to heaven.   But for now her friends and family are determined to pull out all the stops to give this real life Fairy a cracker of a Christmas.   Proud mum Lian said: ‘ Time is running out for Fia, but we refuse to be sad because this Christmas we have everything we could ever want, each other.   ‘There is no greater present...

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Puppy seller jailed

Dog breeder who kept dogs in ‘horrendous, dark, dank pens with no warm bedding’ is jailed for 16-weeks after RSPCA probe Heart-breaking footage from inside a breeding farm shows the ‘inhumane’ conditions that puppies were forced to live. Rocky Knight was jailed after RSPCA inspectors raided his home after complaints from seven dog owners who had bought puppies that later fell ill and died. Some animals were found with breathing problems and no bedding, while inspectors also discovered the body of one puppy wrapped in a plastic bag. Knight, 36, pleaded guilty to animal welfare offences at Bolton Magistrates’ Court and...

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My pig’s a bed hogger

Meet the woman who shares her bed with a 12 stone pig! A woman has told how her love life has been left in tatters – because she shares her bed with a 12 stone PIG.   Jaimie says she is single because her pet pig is a bed hog that refuses to sleep alone.   The 22- year old- retail worker began co sleeping with Claude when she adopted the piggy as a tiny five day old baby because he cried when left alone.   But now two years on he weighs a whopping 12 stone and Jaimie...

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