Author: Kelly Strange

We’ll never forget her brave smile

We’ll never forget her brave smile   I looked down at my newborn daughter and stroked her tiny arm with my finger. ‘Lee,’ I gasped. ‘She just smiled at me!’ ‘Look at that!’ he exclaimed. ‘One day old and she’s already learnt how to smile.’   When the nurses came over, we were bursting with pride over our happy little girl.   ‘Maybe it was a little bit of wind?’ she suggested dubiously. ‘Babies don’t really smile until they’re about six weeks old.’   But minutes later – ‘Well, I never! She really did smile,’ she laughed.   Nobody...

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The merry widows

MEET THE MERRY MAIDS LAUGHING THEIR WAY BACK FROM GRIEF AND DETERMINED TO HELP OTHERS DO THE SAME…   As the waitress put down the huge rack of ribs in front of my bibbed husband, I picked up my camera. This was too good a shot to miss. ‘Smile!’ I said, as Kenny took his first bite, his head thrown back in comedy ecstasy and barbecue sauce running down his chin. That was Kenny all over. A real cheeky, chappie, he oozed mischief and loved to make people feel good. I often joked to my friends that when I...

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You’re a fat mummy aren’t you

Son’s play date changed my life. Charlene’s weight was ruining her life – but when it threatened to ruin her children’s lives too everything changed….  Hauling myself  up from my son’s bedroom floor, breathless and red faced, I stopped for a minute to catch my breath.   At a size 24 and morbidly obese, most things left my gasping for breath, even setting up a game for my son and his fiend to play after school.   As I puffed on my inhaler, my son’s young friend looked at me and said: ‘ You’re very fat aren’t you.’  ...

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Star of nappies advert born at just 23 weeks

Baby born at 23 weeks weighing 1lb 2oz who doctors said was too small to survive becomes the star of a nappies advert three months later When she went into labour at 23 weeks, Lisa Curtis was told her baby was too small to survive. But not only did tiny Bodhi Gascoigne cling on to life despite weighing just 1lb 2oz, three months later he starred in a TV advert for Pampers nappies. Now his proud mother wants to share his story to help others. She said: ‘I was told there was no hope and simply handed a leaflet...

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My killer breasts

Did my toxic breasts kill one twin and leave the other fighting for life? As I sat by his crib, looked at his frail body, I knew things didn’t look good. He was unresponsive, his blood sugar was desperately low and he had jaundice. ‘It’s touch and go,’ the doctors agreed. One day passed, then another and another. Rowan was being tube fed but was struggling to put on weight and had severe breathing difficulties. I sat by his incubator willing him to fight and, finally, he seemed to turn a corner. But still doctors didn’t know why he...

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