Author: Kelly Strange

I made bloke have snip so I could lose baby weight

MARI Nicol piled on MORE THAN six stones in both her pregnancies but she has since found the ultimate diet hack to keep her on track – asking her husband to get the snip. The mum of two had lost 6st after her first pregnancy but piled it all on again and went up to 18st when she unexpectedly fell pregnant for a second time, despite being on the Pill. Mari, 32, loves her children Bobby, four, and Ivy Rose, two, but  DURING PREGNANCY WAS plagued by sickness which made her crave sugary foods and eat for comfort and...

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Good night my New York dreamer

Good night my New York dreamer ‘Mam, I fancy watching a DVD,’ my 14-year-old daughter Nyah said. ‘Can I have the keys to your bedroom?’ My wife Sue and I kept our bedroom locked, mainly because we knew if we didn’t then Nyah and her stepsister Danielle would swipe all our makeup! ‘Course, love,’ I replied. We kept our DVD collection in our room, too. Nyah brought the keys back a few minutes later, only to return to ask for them again. ‘I wasn’t enjoying the film,’ she said. ‘I want to choose another one.’ I handed over the...

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I was being raped by my own son

I woke up to find my teenage son raping me… This article in Chat magazine took almost two years to publish and is one of the most distressing stories we have ever been asked to work on. Donna wanted us to write an article about why she took her teenage son to court for raping her. He was charged after she woke up to find the 15- year old having sex with her during the night.   Horrified Donna called police to their home and told them her son had raped her. He was arrested and initially admitted what...

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We’ll never forget her brave smile

We’ll never forget her brave smile   I looked down at my newborn daughter and stroked her tiny arm with my finger. ‘Lee,’ I gasped. ‘She just smiled at me!’ ‘Look at that!’ he exclaimed. ‘One day old and she’s already learnt how to smile.’   When the nurses came over, we were bursting with pride over our happy little girl.   ‘Maybe it was a little bit of wind?’ she suggested dubiously. ‘Babies don’t really smile until they’re about six weeks old.’   But minutes later – ‘Well, I never! She really did smile,’ she laughed.   Nobody...

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