Author: Kelly Strange

Mummy’s big 22 stone shame

Sitting down on the bed, my daughters, Faye, now six, and Alice, now three, snuggled up next to me. I opened their careworn copy of The Gruffalo and began to read. My husband Guy, now 37, watched on. But what should have been a happy time of family bonding was over by the time I got to page three.  At 5ft3, I weighed 22 stone 11Ibs and was a size 30. My extreme obesity meant even reading left me breathless and I couldn’t get the words out. I’d expelled all my energy just getting up the stairs and helping...

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Bionic todger lead to love

Man, 49, with bionic penis loses his virginity FOUR YEARS after his operation… and the sex was ‘so incredible they didn’t stop all night’ A BLOKE fitted with a bionic penis has lost his virginity as a man four years after his life-changing operation – and says the sex was “so incredible that they didn’t stop all night”. After 40 years of living in the wrong body, Lee Carter, of Clacton, Essex, spent three years transitioning from a woman to a man, undergoing five NHS-funded operations costing £60,000. The 49-year-old met partner Leanne on Facebook in March, and four weeks later the...

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My Miracle

Mother told baby would be stillborn but gets the best surprise when she goes into labour A mum who was told to plan for her unborn child’s funeral when her waters broke at 20 weeks is now hugging her healthy baby boy. Tammy Smith, 26, was told she would likely have a stillbirth as the chances of a baby surviving at such an early stage of development are close to zero. She had even picked out a small blue coffin in anticipation. However, after she found Little Heartbeats on Facebook, which has the tagline ‘they told us we are one in a million, we believe with...

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Girlfriends hair dye could kill me

‘Girlfriend’s hair dye could kill me’ Smooch might be fatal for loved-up pair                     A LUSTY lad nearly died when he reacted to his girlfriend’s hair dye during a romantic clinch. Factory worker Neil Leigh, 29, has a severe allergy to the chemicals in some beauty products. He stopped using dye after his face once swelled to twice its normal size for 10 days. But he had no idea he could still be affected by the colour in other people’s hair – until he was in bed with his girlfriend Sharla Mazari one night. Neil said he started to...

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Together forever

British mum who’s twins died eight days apart is smiling again after giving birth to healthy son.   A MOTHER who’s twin sons died just EIGHT days apart is smiling again after giving birth to a healthy baby boy.   She says the tot is helping to mend her broken heart after she lost both her identical twin sons in just over a week.   Sabrina only got to hold Lincoln and Hunter once – to say hello and goodbye.   Lincoln died just 12 hours after being born Sabrina switched the machines off after being told he was...

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