Author: Kelly Strange

My todger’s BIONIC!

Transgender man with new £60,000 body including bionic penis funded by the NHS remains a virgin since transitioning four years ago. Lee Carter, 48, reckons he’d be the ‘best lover ever’ as having lived for more than 40 years as a female, he knows what women want A TRANSGENDER man who has a new £60,000 body including a bionic penis is still a virgin four years later as he can’t find the right woman to have sex with. Lee Carter, 48, claims having spent 40 years living as ‘Lisa’ means his knowledge of the female body will make him the best lover...

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  Biting my lip in concentration I carefully drew on one arch, then the other. Then I took a step back from the mirror to look at my reflection properly. Sighing, I grabbed the make-up remover from the sink and started to scrub, tears prickling. I was going to be late. I’d been putting my make up on for over an hour now. But I wasn’t vain. Just desperate to look normal, to fit in. Even though, as I slapped another thick layer of concealer over my raw, puckered skin, I knew I’d never be that. I’d been living...

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As I watched TV, I felt my eyelids growing heavy. I settled back onto the sofa and closed my eyes. ‘Teresa,’ my partner Bob said gently, rousing me. ‘Go on up to bed.’ ‘Have I fallen asleep again?’ I yawned, rubbing my eyes. Time was, Bob and I loved an early night together. But these days, an early night meant just that. I was asleep before my head touched the pillow. ‘Sorry love,’ I said. ‘I’m not much company,’ I know. I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I felt permanently exhausted even though I was sleeping day...

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My Boyfriend vanished just like Corrie McKeague

My heart breaks for the family of missing Corrie Mc Keague.   They’re going through hell waiting for news – and unfortunately I know only too well what that feels like.   Almost six years ago Ciaron Nuttal, the man I once thought I would marry, vanished just like Corrie.   Watching Corrie’s girlfriend on television takes me back to the agonizing early days of Ciaron’s disappearance.   The shock, bewilderment and disbelief that somebody so young, vibrant and popular could just vanish without a trace made no sense.   And though I have learned to live with it,...

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Does my bum look BIG in this?

  As I helped my daughters Anna and Lyla, now eight and six, with the jigsaw puzzle, a little girl stood beside me and gently placed her hand on my leg: ‘Your bottom is very big, isn’t it? So are your legs.’   The heat rising in my cheeks, I nervously looked around to see if any of the other mums I’d met for coffee had heard.     I was embarrassed, humiliated. But what could I do? She was a young girl innocently saying what she saw. Only trouble was in my case, the truth hurt.   At...

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How much is my Story Worth?

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