The £12 serum that saved my sex life and quite possibly my marriage.
When Melanie Parkinson went into premature perimenopause at the age of 43 conventional medicines did little to help her plummeting sex drive and problems below…

 Note: Must include the name of the product to help other women at the request of interviewee. It is called : Sass Intimate PH Balance Serum


A WOMAN has told how a jar of £12 serum saved her sex life and quite possibly her marriage too after she went into premature perimenopause.

Social worker Melanie Parkinson was just 43 when she began suffering symptoms including memory loss, lethargy, hair loss and dry skin.

But worse by far was the dramatic change not only to her sex drive, but also to her intimate area which was left dry, thinned and split making it impossible to enjoy sex with her husband.

Mrs Parkinson, now 45, said she was left fearing for her marriage after HRT and other medication failed to make any difference down below and her problems grew worse.

But just months after discovering a £12 serum called Sass Intimate PH Balance Serum on sale in her local Boots pharmacy the mother from Nottingham has hailed it a ‘miracle cure.’

She said: ‘There were times when I thought my sex life was over for good and I didn’t know what that would mean for my marriage. It was frightening.

‘I’d always had a very healthy sex drive and then overnight down below became a no go area. It was awful.

‘I had literally tried everything and felt like giving up but this serum has given me my old life back.

‘I never thought the answer would be in a little £12 tube on sale in Boots. Now I believe it should be available on prescription to all women because it really has made me feel like me again.’

Mrs Parkinson who has been married for 12 years and has a daughter aged 17 by a past relationship and a stepson aged 15 with her husband, recalls the moment she knew something was wrong.

She said: ‘I’d been feeling very tired and not quite right for some time but one day I went into a meeting room to speak to a director and I just went blank. I couldn’t believe it. It had never happened to me before and I was mortified.’

As the blank moments grew more frequent she feared for her sanity and her job and eventually confided in her GP.

Mrs Parkinson explains: ‘ I had not even considered menopause as I assumed I was too young. But when my GP asked about my cycle I realised it was becoming irregular.’

Suspecting early onset of the menopause the GP arranged blood tests, which confirmed she was in permimenopause, the early stages of menopause, and Mrs Parkisnon was left shocked.

She was offered a low dose of HRT to help balance the side effects but there was worse to come.

She began suffering repeated bouts of severe thrush, which left her uncomfortable below, and naturally her sex drive plummeted.

Over the counter remedies did little and antibiotics left her feeling unwell only for the infection to return after completing the course.

She said:’ It was horrific. The itching was non-stop and the skin below thinned and cracked.

‘The only respite I got from the pain was during menstruation and that was becoming less and less frequent.

‘I was at my wits end and spending a fortune on creams and natural yogurt which did nothing.’

Her husband was supportive but Mrs Parkinson felt distant when they would drift weeks without lovemaking.

She says: ‘ Like most couples it had always been an important part of our relationship and we both missed being close. It caused tension and strain that we had not been anticipating at this time in our marriage.’

At her lowest ebb she feared it might drive them apart.

So when a friend mentioned a product on sale off the shelf in Boots called SASS Intimate PH Balance Serum, also know as ‘ Rescue Me,’  Mrs Parkinson was keen to try it.

Mrs Parkinson said: ‘ As it wasn’t on prescription I didn’t hold much hope but at only £12 I had nothing to lose so picked it up when I next went into Boots.

‘It was nice not to take it off the shelf at Boots without having to go through it all again with a pharmacist which is embarrassing.’

The new product claims to be the first ever intimate probiotic for internal use that works by restoring PH balance below and promoting the growth of good bacteria that prevents infections like thrush.

The relief she says was almost instant and within weeks she was able to make love again.

She says the thrush that plagued her has now cleared and the skin feels repaired.

Mrs Parkinson said: ‘ I call it my guardian angel. I went straight to my GP and told her it should be on prescription.

‘It’s not like me to be so open about personal issues but I firmly believe this could help other women suffering like I was and for that reason it needs to be talked about.

‘This miracle serum has given me my sex life back and I feel like the old me again for the first time since the menopause started.’ The Sass Intimate PH Balance Serum is available in Boots.